AUSIX began operations in 2002 to support the explosive growth of the Internet by enabling ISP's and network providers to meet and exchange traffic in a secure, reliable facility with flexible State-of-the-Art, scalable interconnection and switching, and 24 hour customer service.

As the first successful neutral commercial Internet Exchange in Australia, AUSIX's Melbourne facility is recognized as one of the top ISP interconnection points in the world. This customer acceptance, along with an increased client demand for the same best-in -class facilities in other key regions. AUSIX will continue to strive to meet customer expectations.

Reliable robust physical infrastructure
Multiple ISP and carrier networks
Scalable Interconnection
Multi-level security
State-of-the-Art Management systems
Expert technical support and staffing

18, 2001 - Media Release, Australia's first neutral Internet exchange point in Sydney: AUSIX

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